Parents Academy

Why the Parents Academy?

Being a parent is 365 days per year—a job that lasts a lifetime. Yet there’s no academic training programme to prepare you for it!

We attend school for years to learn our profession, but we aren’t at all prepared to raise a child and give the child the necessary tools to become a an empowered adult!

For some parents, home is a battleground of chaos, jealousy and sibling rivalry. For others, they constantly repeat the same things and find it difficult to earn their children’s respect and collaboration…


  • Every child deserves to grow and develop.
  • Every parent deserves peace of mind.
  • And everyone deserves to live in harmony.

The adult’s role is to help children develop their own potential so they can grow into the best possible version of themselves.

This is why we support children and adults in child development through positive leadership.

Positive Parenting

We believe in positive parenting because every child is unique with their own set of specific needs.

Love, empathy and patience enable us to truly understand and get to know them.

Compassion and encouragement enable us to help them develop their full potential and self esteem.

The parent’s role is to help children discover who they are, to grow from the inside out—not to tell them who they are, force them into a mold, or stick a label on their forehead to classify them and assign them a place in the family or society. Doing this crushes the child and distorts their character, and they end of losing themselves and forgetting who they truly are.

« Parents need to master their use of words. Because words are like knives. They can inflict countless painful injuries that, while not physical, are still emotional. »


Become your child’s guide

All along their journey of personal development, parents come to many realizations, and these gradually lead them to become guides for their child. Here’s our definition of a guide:

A facilitator

The parent comes to understand the world, reality and their child’s development. Then they learn to demystify the adult world to allow their child to understand it, to make it their own, and to find their own points of reference within it, so they can grow and develop.

A predictable person

Since the parent’s view and understanding of their child changes, their level of frustration diminishes and their level of patience increases, enabling them to intervene in a positive, predictable way with their child. This is reassuring and encouraging for the child.

An observer of their child’s behaviour and challenges

By taking a step back and separating the behaviours and attitudes of their child, the parent no longer feels compelled to take things personally, so they are able to offer their child the necessary space and freedom to find their own solutions and grow from their mistakes.

A mirror of child development

By regularly giving positive feedback to their child about the child’s behaviour, attitudes, etc., parents provide points of reference that enable the child to develop and build their self esteem in a fully conscience manner.

A guardian of the child’s life history

The parent is the only one who has always known the child and who has witnessed their evolution. Day after day, they’ve watched their child try and fail and have found the words to re-energize them so they can to get back up and try again and realize their greatest dreams without ever allowing hope to be extinguished.

« The family is like the branches of a tree: We all grow in different directions, but we have unique roots. »

– Anonymous

Packages for parents

In contrast to the services offered to parents in the 360 Degree Academy (in daycares and schools), the Parents Academy packages take place in your own home and are developed to meet the very specific needs of you and your family.

From parent to guide

This essential basic package provides training in communication and positive parenting and is adapted to the needs of families with children and teens.

Available topics

  • Defining myself as a parent, a couple, a family
  • Defining our context according to our own values
  • Learning to listen, to welcome my child’s emotions
  • Replacing punishment with logical consequences
  • Helping my child develop self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Freeing children from any roles that would prevent them from growing and developing

Numerous tools

More than 30 simple tools to memorize and use when interacting with the child.
Results guaranteed after the first week of use.

Approximate length of coaching

To be determined according to the needs of the family.
Expect between 8 and 12 sessions of 2 hours each.

This package includes

  • Private, customized sessions focused on the specific needs of your family
  • Sessions that take place in the comfort of your own home
  • Unlimited e-mail and text-message access to Valérie throughout the entire coaching period
  • Workbook
  • A list of reading selections and complementary tools to help you progress further along your path

Example of expected results

  • Rebuild or maintain the parent-child relationship, even in delicate situations
  • Understand the various developmental steps of child development and the needs stemming from
  • Develop a relationship with your child that is based on trust and mutual respect
  • Preserve and develop self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Define and put into place, with compassion, a context which encourages your child to be autonomous and take responsibility for their behaviour
  • Support your child in their difficult moments (anger, frustration, opposition)

Complementary options

Along with the essential basic package, you can add other options to progress further in your coaching experience and adapt it to best fit your needs.

Peace must be developed

Techniques and tools to enable you to replace the climate of rivalry and jealousy among siblings with a climate of peace, complicity, respect and mutual support.

Direct interactions between Valérie and one of your children

See the available options in The Kids Academy.

Additional hours

At the end of your basic package, you can extend your coaching sessions according to your needs using our calling card.


Here’s what parents told us when we asked them the following questions: (Excerpts from the feedback we’ve received most often)
After being coached by Valérie…
Have you changed how you parent?
“Now I know how to listen to my child better and more often. I ask fewer questions and leave them more space to find their own solutions.”
“I feel equipped, so I have more confidence when dealing with my children—I yell less and above all, I feel less guilty.”
“I spend less energy on explanations and negotiation.”
“I have a better understanding of how a child’s spirit works, so I’m more patient and don’t get annoyed as much.”
“I changed my approach with my child, and now I see their behaviours and attitudes differently.”
“I feel less personally attacked because I’m able to stand back and understand that my child isn’t trying to provoke me but is instead expressing their difficulties.”
“There’s been less stress since we started using the tools we learned at the workshops to deal with a bullying situation at school.”
“I managed to increase my child’s self-confidence!”
Has your parent-child relationship changed?
“According to the specialists, my son was addicted to video games. Through the tools I learned with Valérie, I managed to remove my son’s tablet from his life, which allowed us to get to know each other again. Then he started making friends at school and wanting to talk to us and spend time with us.”
“My children open up more and share what they are feeling. They want to talk with us and be with us.”
“The children collaborate more and offer to help me.”
“There’s a better family ambiance, less stress and so I spend more quality time with my children.”
“The children are more autonomous.”
Has the relationship between your children changed?
“There are fewer fights between my children because I’ve changed my attitude. I’m more firm and less unfair.”
“The children fight less between each other, so I don’t need to intervene as much and now tend to leave them to find their own solutions.”
“The rivalry between the children has drastically decreased.”
“My children play together more and also respect each other when they need to be alone.”

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