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Why we do this work


Every child is unique and needs customized support to adjust to and develop well in our world. Guiding children through life is a huge responsibility since it consists of helping children to develop as people—and yet no training programme prepares us for that!





How and why it all started…

More than 6 years ago, one of my children had to repeat her first year of primary school, and this shook up both of our lives. We had to face the system, the diagnoses and the grief of no longer having a ‘perfect child.’

Too often, a child is labelled, judged, and categorized—and the parent is left behind with no resources. A child who’s considered ‘not normal’ doesn’t necessarily fit into the system. As a parent, I found no other support so I quickly understood that I would need to change the way I saw and lived out my role as a mother.”

The benefits of

Positive Parenting

“I became trained in positive parenting to be able to help my child in moments of crisis and distress and so we could come to understand each other—and be able to live together in love and mutual respect.

Today, our family works like a team because a family that’s grounded in care is close-knit, recognizes that each member is unique and that the family’s strength comes from the balance existing between each of its members.

It’s also living in acceptance of oneself and of others without judgement or rivalry, without drama or jealousy.”

– Valérie




Why work with me?


Having witnessed the benefits of this lifestyle within my own family, I decided seek training so I could support adults in their role as guides.

  • I started by following positive parenting courses in the US and in France. 
  • Then I realized that working with children as well would enable me to achieve more extensive and long-lasting results. I’m certified by SEVE to facilitate philosophy workshops with children to help them develop their critical thinking skills, to learn to express themselves and to share their own ideas while respecting the ideas of others. Moreover, I’m a certified coach in the US for supporting children in self-management skills and personal growth.

I share this passion of mine through my role as a facilitator in the community, in schools and daycares, and in the private setting, directly within families.


Authorized by the Marguerite Bourgeois School Board and the Lester B. Pearson School Board to lead workshops in their schools.

Certified by Faber & Mazlish
Certified by SEVE Formation Canada
Certified WISDOM CoachTM


Our coaching workshops are offered in three formats to fit the reality of your life and your specific needs.
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Kids Academy

For children between 6 and 12 years old

Parents Academy

For parents of children and teenagers

360 degrees Academy

For daycares, schools and organizations